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Do you dream of being part of the live events world? We are always looking for enthusiastic stagehands, AV techs, and talented operators. If you’re interested in being added to our call list, please Contact Us, or call us at 760.327.3380 – extension 6, or text us at 760.880.8815.

AVSU began as a labor company and we still find our freelance technicians — many with 20 years or more experience — are the best at providing the skills needed in a live events atmosphere.  Along with our dedicated full-time and part-time team, we are here to assist in all parts of the production.

Pete Greeson | President and CEO | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Pete entered the world of corporate events in 1986 and established AVSU in 1991. Still excited to be part of the production, Pete is involved in the day-to-day operations, as well as, being on show-site as one of our teleprompter operators and/or project managers.

Brian Champagne | General Manager | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Brian joined AVSU in 2005 and intuitively took to the technical side as our senior video engineer- all while coordinating the logistics of our equipment and technical staff. In 2013, with his experience and knowledge in-and-out of the office, Brian stepped into the general manager role. Brian keeps our team running smoothly, the satisfaction of our clients our top priority, and AVSU taking on new projects with ease.

Tim Hicks | Operations Manager | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Tim joined AVSU in 2012 as part of the warehouse team and began booking and coordinating our labor crews in 2013. Tim’s willingness to jump in and tackle the project at hand, makes him an invaluable asset when putting together the best crews and on show-site as one of our senior operators.

Grayson Gerlich | Logistics Manager | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Grayson joined AVSU in 2014 as our dedicated full-time logistical support. Grayson’s organizational skills and professionalism keeps AVSU’s gear moving and our service oriented mantra in full-effect behind-the-scenes as well as on show-site.

Anne Greeson | Vice President and CFO | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Anne left her position working in in-house audio visual and joined AVSU in 1995. Overseeing the day-to-day accounts payables/receivables, payroll, and HR sides of AVSU, Anne is always happy to support the AVSU team.

Kaleigh Hicks | Office Administrator | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Kaleigh joined AVSU in 2013 and quickly took to learning how the office, warehouse, and field operations come together. Kaleigh’s dedication to the details provides excellent support to our clients, service-providers, and employees.

Stephen Haugen | Video Projectionist & AV Operator | Palm Desert: 760.327.3380
Stephen joined AVSU in 2015 to assist in logistical support and quickly moved to the field, where his talents in video projection, camera, and our lead on technical calls could better benefit our clients and freelance crew. Stephen is full of ideas and throws himself into every project with enthusiasm.